Clubhouse & Kitchen Re-opening

Clubhouse & Kitchen Re-opening

Hi everyone.

It is clear from the Government Roadmap that hospitality venues can open for indoor use from Monday 17th May.   Similarly, our Governing body the LTA have interpreted this very clearly in their statements with regard to Clubhouses opening for catering facilities.

In our area, we are in the extremely fortunate situation that infections are effectively at zero (we are at the lowest rating which is < 3, it does not go down to zero).  Similarly, vaccinations in our area are ahead of schedule and given the demographic of the Club members, many will have had their first vaccination, over half will have had both.

From 17th May, the onus clearly moves from legislative instruction to one of self-regulated caution:

“Instead of instructing you to stay 2m apart from anyone you don’t live with, you will be encouraged to exercise caution and consider the guidance on risks associated with COVID-19 and actions you can take to help keep you and your loved ones safe.”


Consequently, with the protocols we already have in place, the Clubhouse and Kitchen will re-open from Monday 17th May.  However, with that indoor re-opening comes responsibilities which must be adhered to:

  • On entering the Clubhouse, all members must use the hand sanitiser
  • The Rule of 6 must be strictly observed; no more than 6 people may sit together indoors
  • If members decide to sit in the Clubhouse, ventilation must be provided by the main door being open
  • Only one person is allowed in the changing room / toilet area at any one time
  • Only one person is allowed in the Kitchen at any one time

We want members to have the option of having a drink together in the Clubhouse after playing.

It is about choice; clearly everyone will make up their own mind as to whether they go indoors or remain outside.

Please continue to think very carefully about the safety of yourself and other members.