Junior Transport Policy

It is not the responsibility of the Club to transport children to and from away venues such as away matches or outside tournaments.

Parents may choose to make arrangements with another adult (such as a family friend) to transport their child. In that event where appropriate they should let the venue know and ensure that the person responsible for the transport has details of who to contact in the event of an emergency.
However, the Club can accept no responsibility for such private arrangements.

In the event that the Club does become involved in transport arrangements there is a specific policy in place

Junior Transport Policy in the event that the Club is arranging transport to an away venue

While it is the Policy of the Club that it is the responsibility of parents to transport children to away venues in the event that the Club does arrange such transport the following should be observed:

The person for organising the transport must ensure that; –

1.Parents are informed of the destination, reason for the journey and who the driver will be
2.Parents complete and hand to the organiser a Consent and Emergency Contact Form
3 A copy of that form must be with the driver on the journey in case of an emergency
4.There are two adults in the car and if children are a mixture of male and female where possible the adults should be male and female
5.Children are seated in the back with sufficient seat belt and proper restraints
6.There is an established procedure in the event of a breakdown/emergency*
7.The driver has a valid UK driving licence, satisfactory DBS check, correct insurance, and the vehicle complies with the laws on the use of seatbelts and restraints.