Starting Adult Group Coaching Courses Again

Starting Adult Group Coaching Courses Again

Dear Members,

From next week we will be starting various adult group coaching courses which are bookable online via the website. We are also running 2 Cardio Tennis sessions for those of you who want a workout on court, payment for these Cardio sessions is direct to the coach. Please see below the list of adult groups, the link to the website and a description of the playing levels.

We also would like to add a beginners and improvers course. Please email Steve Shea (stevesheatennis@aol.com) if you would be interested or know anyone who would be interested in these sessions and what days are best. We can set a course on a day and times that would suit most people.


Adult Intermediate Women only 6.30-7.30pm Price £50 (six 1hr sessions).


Adult Women only 9.30-11.00am Price £60 (six 1.5hr sessions) Cardio Tennis 6.00-7.00pm Price £10 per session Adult Intermediate 8.00-9.30pm Price £60 (six 1.5hr sessions).


Cardio Tennis 10.30-11.30am Price £10 per session.


  • Beginners – Players who are new to the sport or that have received very little coaching.
  • Improvers – Players who are not beginners but still wish to improve their technique. They can serve with consistency and have a rally of over 8 shots. Players who are coming back to tennis after a few years.
  • Intermediate – Players who are starting to show good technique. They can serve with consistency and accuracy. They can also have a rally of over 16 shots.
  • Advanced – Players who play in the club Men’s and Women’s teams or have played competitive tennis before.

Stay alert, NOT complacent, and enjoy your tennis.

Kind regards,


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