Safeguarding Policy


A statement of the required standard of conduct that applies to every aspect of the Club’s activities in particular for the safety and protection of children and those at risk with a clear procedure for reporting any areas or actions that may cause concern and the steps to be taken after a report is received.

Club Policy

Chorleywood Lawn Tennis Club (“the Club”) is committed to ensuring the well-being of all members with particular regard to children and adults at risk. We aim to (1) provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all our members and those involved with the Club including all events and activities that we run and (2) anticipate and guard against all possible risks and respond promptly and appropriately to all safeguarding concerns and disclosures. This policy is deemed to include the glossary of terms set out in the LTA template Safeguarding Policy.


The Club Code of Conduct requires: –

   All members, helpers and coaches to: –

  1. Ensure the wellbeing of all children and adults at risk and treat them with respect at all times
  2. Help to create a safe and inclusive environment on and off the court
  3. Encourage and support diversity
  4. Avoid physical contact with children or adults other than family members unless necessary in an emergency or congratulatory (eg handshake or high five)
  5. Avoid being alone with a child or adult at risk other than in exceptional circumstances
  6. Not transport children or adults at risk other than as part of a Club activity (i.e.an away match) unless there is another adult in the vehicle (see Club Junior Transport Policy)
  7. Not act in a way that is, or could be interpreted as, abusing, neglecting, or discriminating against anyone
  8. Report all allegations of or circumstances of abuse or improper behaviour promptly to a member of the Welfare Team.

II    Club Coaches, helpers, Committee members and volunteers to: –

  1. Keep clear boundaries between professional and personal life including social media
  2. Avoid any sanctions that humiliate or harm a child or person at risk
  3. Be a positive role model
  4. Have the relevant consent from parents / carers of children or adults at risk before taking or using photos or videos
  5. Prevent rough or dangerous behaviour or bullying
  6. Ensure roles and responsibilities are fully explained and everyone has the necessary information and training


It is an offence to have a relationship with someone who is under 18 years old if you are in a position of trust and it is an offence to have a sexual relationship with anyone under the age of 16.


If anyone is aware of an area of concern doing nothing is NOT an option. You must report all concerns to a member of the Welfare Team who must follow the Concern Reporting Procedure.


Any concerns should be reported to a member of the Welfare Team. Concerns about a child or adult at risk must be raised with a member of the Welfare Team as soon as possible.

If there is a concern about a child or person at risk the Welfare Team will contact the Police or Social Care immediately and then inform the LTA Safeguarding Team


If a child or person at risk makes a disclosure of abuse we cannot maintain confidentiality and will inform the child or person at risk that we may have to speak to the relevant authority

We will always try to inform parents and carers about a concern, unless we believe it will put the child or person at risk or another person into a position of risk


What to do if a disclosure is made by/from a child or adult at risk

  1. Reassure the child/adult that she/he is right to report the behaviour
  2. Listen carefully and calmly to her/him
  3. Keep questions to a minimum – never ask leading questions
  4. Do not promise secrecy. Inform her/him that you must report your conversation to the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team ( and the police in an emergency ) because it is in her/his best interest
  5. REPORT IT – If someone is in immediate danger call the police (999), otherwise talk to the LTA Safe and Inclusive Team as soon as possible who will work with you to ensure the safety and well-being of the person at risk
  6. Do not permit personal doubt to stop you from reporting the concern/disclosure
  7. Make an immediate objective written record of the conversation using the Reporting Concern Form. Distinguish between what the person actually said and the inferences you may have made. Your report should be sent to the LTA Safe and Inclusive Team safeandinclusive@lta.org.uk within 48 hours of the incident, who will store it safely


If you are worried about that a child is being abused outside the Tennis Environment but the concern is identified through the child’s involvement in tennis then the Flow Chart may assist