Revised Club Rules

Revised Club Rules

2021 Committee

As per Lynda’s email yesterday, the form for nomination for the 2021 Committee has been posted on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

Current incumbents are listed followed by spaces for new nominations.

Please ensure you get the agreement of any nominee prior to putting their name on the form.

The nominee must agree to stand, sign the form as consent to stand and abide by all Club Rules, be proposed, and seconded by two Club members.

2021 Committee Members will be confirmed at the Zoom AGM on 18th November.


Revised Club Rules

You may be aware that our existing Club Rules are woefully out of date.

They have now been completely revised by Secretary Ean Reid and reviewed by the Committee.

They are available to view (as required at least 21 days prior to an AGM) via this link:

Please review these revised Club Rules as they will also be subject to a vote to approve or reject them at the Zoom AGM on 18th November.

Assuming approval they will then be used for the day to day running of the Club going forward and will be ratified as soon as practicable under the current rules which requires the Club to hold a ‘face to face’ EGM or AGM for that ratification.

Kind regards,