Racket Face Challenges

Racket Face Challenges

While stuck at home try and keep your skills in shape with these 3 simple challenges.

Your racquet controls the ball, right? so wouldn’t it be nice to have a good awareness of where your racquet is in space? Specifically the angle of your racquet face.

Imagine using a totally different forehand grip for a few minutes, you will immediately notice the lack of control you have since you have poor awareness of your racquet since you’re using a different grip. It’s like a glove that doesn’t fit.

A big reason as to why the pros are so good is that they have great racquet awareness. Beginners have poor racquet awareness because they have not played enough tennis to have a good feel for where their strings are.

This is something that’s not only a fun way to pass some of the time stuck at home, but it’s a great way to learn new skills that will help you become a master in no time. If you want to have a go, video your efforts and upload/tag our Facebook page!

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting videos similar to this, each one aimed at improving your skills or helping you learn new ones. So be sure to keep an eye on our website pages and social media channels for more.

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