New tea rota for January

New tea rota for January

Hi all,

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022!

With regard to Saturday afternoon teas, the time has come to revert to a full rota of club members for the long-held club tradition of having an afternoon tea after mixed doubles tennis.

Tea, coffee & sugar are provided by the club, it is just cakes & milk that needs to be provided.

With a full rota of club members undertaking this, the aim is to only do this once a year at most.

The new tea rota for January to April begins on Saturday 8th January and may be found via this link:

For clarity and In order to ensure continuity, the responsibilities for the two people doing teas are:

  1. Make or bring cake or similar for 12-16 people.
  2. Bring fresh milk for tea, coffee for those people.
  3. Make a note of how much you’ve spent.
  4. Make tea for everyone, aiming to serve between 3:30 & 4pm.
  5. Collect 50p from everyone who has tea & cake.
  6. When finished, clear up, put everything in dishwasher; if full turn on.
  7. Take your expenses (3) out of money collected (5) and put remainder in one of the brown cash envelopes, seal & slide under bar door.
  8. If last to leave, turn all lights off, lock clubhouse, lock gates.
  9. Remind the person doing teas the following Saturday: don’t break the chain!

Happy New Year everyone!