COVID Health & Safety in the Heat

COVID Health & Safety in the Heat

Hi All,

I hope you are all well and coping with the current heat.

Lovely to get out and knock a ball around in the warm with minimal cold weather aches & pains however it’s clearly very important to keep rehydrated in this heat.

Regarding our health, you will be only too aware that the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading quickly once again with daily infections of the Delta variant hitting some very scary numbers.
Thankfully it appears that the link between infections and hospitalisations / serious illness is less than it was in previous waves.
This appears to be primarily due to the successful vaccination programme which no doubt most, if not all of us, will have benefitted from.

However, despite being vaccinated, we must all still be extremely careful and ensure that we take personal responsibility for continued vigilance.
We have deliberately decided not to remove all the signs at the Club requiring people to socially distance etc.
Indeed I think it is appropriate to remind people of the need to continue to check in using the book or the QR code, sanitise their hands, keep socially distanced when on court and afterwards; we all know the drill.

Thanks to you all, the Club has been reasonably lucky so far with minimal direct effect of the pandemic on members; with your continued support and vigilance, clearly we hope that will continue.

Enjoy the summer, enjoy the tennis however please stay focused on thinking of both yourself and equally importantly, others at this critical time.

Kind regards,