A Few Cases of Babolot Balls

A Few Cases of Babolot Balls

Chorleywood Lawn Tennis Club endeavour to make your experience playing tennis at your club the best possible. To that end we have been listening to your feedback about the tennis balls we provide.

The main comment we hear is that the Slazenger Wimbledon balls go soft and fluffy and do not retain their bounce after a few sets.

So, we have decided to trial alternative balls which have a longer endurance and retain their bounce for longer even in damp weather conditions.

We have taken delivery of a couple of cases of Babolot balls which we are going to trial from today.

BUT we do need your feedback on these –

When freshly opened and after some usage.

Both in dry and wet weather conditions.

HOWEVER they are not indispensable so PLEASE ensure you do NOT put wet balls back in the containers.

They should first be dried out thoroughly. (The radiators are perfect for this)

Also turn the container upside down so it can also dry.

If there are any Slazenger Wimbledon balls still in use please don’t mix them up with the Babolot.

Your feedback is valuable and essential so please email me with your comments and observations at heritylynda@aol.com

Many Thanks Enjoy your game,