Dear Member,

As the new social secretary I would like to gather your views on possible social events for the coming year.

I have a few ideas of my own which I have listed below.

  1. a) Quiz Night
  2. b) An evening of different Board Games
  3. c) A Fancy Dress party
  4. d) A karaoke evening

e)A Sunday afternoon “Jeux sans Frontieres” for adults and children

I would be grateful for your thoughts about them and any other types of events that you feel would be fun for us all!

I hope all the other established  tennis social events, including the speciality food evenings, will continue as before.

I have almost completed compiling a possible Quiz for the end of February/early March.

Please have a few thoughts about my proposals and add any other suggestions.

Please respond to me directly by email as Lynda is away from her desk for 2 weeks returning February 17th


CLTC Social Secretary

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