Watford and District Tennis League AGM

At the Watford & District Tennis league AGM on Monday 11th March, I was delighted to be presented with league winners trophies for both our Mixed A team and Mixed B team.

The Mixed A team won 9 out of their 10 matches with an impressive set record of 71-19.  Stalwarts of the Champions were: Jane Smith (captain), Lindsay Bird, Jonathan Stamp, Dan Chadder, Marion Bryan, Steve Page, Luke Bugeja, Susan Moore, Paolo Rossetti, Heather Pentney, Jenny Dickens & Andy Coles.

The Mixed B team won 11 of their 12 matches, also with a great set record of 82-26.  The B’s Mixed Masters were: Rachael Conway (captain), Ken Waller, Sian Lloyd, Miriam Catlow, John Ramsell, Sue Blythe, Adrian Thompson and myself.

Looking forward to the coming season although with both teams being promoted, a challenging season is ahead!

Chris Van Dyk


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