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Chorleywood Lawn Tennis Club was established in 1966 and is now a thriving tennis club with 6 floodlight courts.


Chorleywood Lawn Tennis Club – 2018 Finals

Event Name: Mini Reds (U8 Mixed)
Winner: Alfie Young
Runner Up: Rory O’Dwyer
Event Name: Mini Reds (U8 Mixed)
Winner: Edward Faulkner
Event Name: Mini Reds (U8 Mixed)
Winner: Alfie Young
Runner Up: Rory O’Dwyer
Event Name: Mini Orange (U9 Mixed)
Winner: Rory O’Dwyer
Runner Up: Sammy Main,
Event Name: Mini Orange (U9 Girls)
Winner: Elena Wathew
Runner Up: Sophie Ward
Event Name: Mini Green (U12 Mixed)
Winner: Anna Stoneham
Runner Up: Evelyn Siemens
Event Name: U12 Boys Singles
Winner: Callum Scott
Runner Up: Joseph Hamilton
Event Name: U14 Girls Singles
Winner: Jaina Stamp
Runner Up: Sophie Marston
Event Name: U14 Boys Singles
Winner: Myles Jones
Runner Up: Charles Dagger
Event Name: U14 Boys Doubles
Winner: Myles Jones & Connor Scott
Runner Up: Charles & James Dagger
Event Name: Ladies Singles Plate
Winner: Naomi Faulkner
Runner Up: Jane Marston
Event Name: Men’s Singles Plate
Winner: Myles Jones
Runner Up: Vartan Melkonian
Event Name: Ladies Doubles Plate
Winner: Natalie & Daisy Young
Runner Up: Naomi Faulkner & Claire Poulson
Event Name: Men’s Doubles Plate
Winner: Steve Hull & Will Illingworth-Law
Runner Up: Adam Hatfield & Graham Coles
Event Name: Mixed Doubles Plate
Winner: Merriss & Nick Ratliff
Runner Up: Natalie & Daniel Young
Event Name: Ladies Singles
Winner: Claire Poulson
Runner Up: Sue Blythe
Event Name: Men’s Singles
Winner: Felix Coles
Runner Up: Andy Coles
Event Name: Ladies Doubles
Winner: Jane Smith & Lindsay Bird
Runner Up: Sue Blythe & Pet Paulwell
Event Name: Men’s Doubles
Winner: Andy & Felix Coles
Runner Up: Keith Poulson & Thomas Faulkner
Event Name: Mixed Doubles
Winner: Lindsay Bird & Steve Page
Runner Up: Jaina & Jonathan Stamp

What a wonderful day of great tennis we had on Sunday – CLTC Club Championship Finals Day.

Successful winners are listed on the attached sheet – MANY CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL ClapClap

The weather was kind to us and the finalists, Mini, Junior and Adults were on fire.

Thank you to all you lovely members that came along to cheer and encourage all the players and all those who brought along food to share.

The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone had a great day.
I will be sending photos very soon.

All cups will be engraved and I will message the winners accordingly to arrange collection.

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Our Club is proud of its successful members
and wants to share the best moments of the tournament

At Chorleywood Lawn Tennis Club

we are fortunate enough to have a practice wall. At times you will struggle to find a tennis practice partner, don’t look at this negatively as you have many ways to improve your tennis alone. One of the best ways you can improve your tennis game is by hitting against a tennis backboard or wall. But make sure you a repeating good technique as you do not want to cement bad technique.

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